Behind The Chair Nominee

I know I promised you guys a V-log this week, BUT I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I AM A FINALIST FOR BEHIND THE CHAIR'S #ONESHOT AWARD HAIR CONTEST!!! I was nominated in the "TRANSFORMATION SHOT OF THE YEAR" category.  This is something I've been working so hard for and I am still in disbelief of my nomination. It is such an honor to be nominated along side such talented and creative hair artists out there. On August 20th, I will be attending the Behind The Chair #Oneshot award ceremony in Austin, Texas!  Ok, and this is where I need your help guys...

1. Go to HERE 

2. Vote for your favorite photo in each category. 

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Once you scroll down to the "TRANSFORMATION SHOT OF THE YEAR" category, make sure to check box #24 for @MARE.L.A ! 

It would be a dream come true if I can win this category so please pretty pretty please with a cherry on top and a dash of sprinkles and some sunshine, VOTE FOR ME ! See you in two weeks Austin!!!! YEEEEEE HAAAAAW!